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Published: 2009-03-05

CISCO Systems Inc. was created in 1984 by two scientists from the US Stanford University, who were seeking easier ways to connect computers with different systems. Two years later, the then four-man company delivered its first product: an AGS router. In 1990, the US company totalled 254 employees, made its first public offering and achieved US$69 million in revenues. In 1993, it acquired Crescendo Communications, its first acquisition, and realised its first minority interest in Cascade Communications. At the end of its fiscal year 2000, CISCO had acquired about 70 companies, its staff accounted for over 34 000 people and totalled nearly US$19 billion in net sales.

Today, CISCO is active in delivering end-to-end networking solutions, providing hardware, software and services, with a product range including Routers; Switches; Access systems (servers, multiplexers); and Others, including System Network Architecture; Internet Service; and Network Management Software.

Published: 2009-03-05

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