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The LAN market

Published: 2009-03-05

The market for LAN equipment (routers, LAN switches, LAN access devices, etc.) amounted to US$17 billion in 1999. The US market (see Fig. 1), with over US$6 billion, is by far the largest national market, well ahead of Europe, at US$5.3 billion, in which over 87% is represented by Western Europe. Over the period 1999-2004, the World market will grow at an annual average growth rate of nearly 11%, with some major differences among countries and zones. A group of countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain will record high growth rates in the range of 13-15% p.a. Other countries and zones such as the USA, Eastern Europe and the Rest of World zone will achieve lower growth rates, at around 10-11% p.a. The UK is expected to record a more moderate evolution, at around 6% p.a., as the British market was already more developed in 1999.

Published: 2009-03-05

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