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The German telecom service market

Published: 2009-03-04

Telecom sectors revenue

As seen from Fig. 1, total telecom revenues in Germany have grown every year from 1998 to 2001, reaching €42 bn in 2001, a 4% growth over the previous year. Yet fixed telephony revenues have decreased every year, declining by 15% over the four-year period. The main reason for this decline is the liberalisation of the fixed telecom market and the ensuing price decreases spurred by increased competition. However the growth of the other sectors have offset the fixed telephony decrease. Fixed telephony remains nonetheless the largest sector with 49% of total revenues, but down from 70% in 1998. The fastest increase in 2001 was 30% for Internet access services. However, with €1.8 bn in 2001, Internet access services remain a small part (4%) of total telecom revenues. Over the past four years, mobile telephony revenues increased the fastest with a 110% growth, reaching €14 bn in 2001. Despite this fast growth and the decrease of fixed telephony, mobile telephony remains only the second largest sector with a 33% share. Datacom services have also grown, although more moderately than either Internet or mobile telephony, and now account for 9% of the total. A total revenue of €42 bn works out an average monthly spend of €43 per inhabitant in 2001, very similar to France (€42).

Published: 2009-03-04

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