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Fixed telephony in Western Europe

Published: 2009-03-04

Global market evolution in Western Europe

The Western European telecommunications service market, including Cable TV, shows a CAAGR (Compounded Average Annual Growth Rate) of about 7% over the period 1998-2004, accounting for US$265 billion in 2004, about 23% of the total world market for telecommunications services. The fastest growing sectors will be, not surprisingly, mobile telephony, partly driven by the launch of interactive and multimedia applications for mobile services. Mobile telephony will reach about US$82 billion in 2004, growing at about 12% a year on average. The second fastest growing market will be CATV services, which will top US$10 billion in 2004, exceeding the 11% growth rate over the considered period. The growth of the CATV segment of which market values only include revenues for basic CATV subscription will be driven by new applications, such as pay-per-view, Internet access, and telephony, which will increasingly be included into a CATV subscription package, already common in the UK. Such a subscription package, which presents a selection of integrated services where the user deals with only one service provider and one bill, facilitate the marketing of CATV subscriptions.

Published: 2009-03-04

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