Germany and Switzerland go all-IP in 2020

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2020-05-15

The Western Europe region recorded a 2.7% YoY decline in total fixed telephony channels to around 180m as of end-2019. The said contraction was still due to the negative impact of fixed-to-mobile substitution coupled by the growing adoption of OTT voice and messaging services, in general. However, InfoCom noted some marginal year-on-year improvements in fixed voice development particularly in Cyprus, France, Switzerland,...

IPTV gains traction in key East Asian markets

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2020-05-04

IP television in the monitored Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan) continued to gain traction in 2019 driven mainly by the increasing popularity of bundled offers, government regulation, and fibre broadband network expansion as per InfoCom's Quarterly Television for the Rest of World* region. In South Korea and Japan, the increasing popularity of bundled TV offers that sometimes include access to multi-...

Some Eastern European telcos push for high-speed broadband services as social measures against COVID-19 take effect

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2020-05-01

Some fixed broadband providers in Eastern Europe managed to sustain subscriber growth amidst the social measures against COVID-19 towards the end of 1Q20. In line with the implementation of new social arrangements in most markets (e.g. distance working, online learning), some operators actively pushed for their high-speed broadband services through discount offers. For instance, Orange Polska offered a PLN 5 discount on ...

American telcos see opportunity from online learning as COVID-19 extends school closures

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2020-05-01

As stay-at-home protocols in light of the COVID-19 outbreak alter the lifestyles of most American households, InfoCom observed an increase in promotions to targeted fixed broadband offers (e.g. K-12, college students) considering the increasing shift towards online learning. In particular, Mediacom adjusted its low-cost "C2C (Connect2Compete)" Internet option exclusive for households with at least one K-12 student reside...

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