India joins the race in Gigabit broadband adoption, but challenges still persist. Here’s why.

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2020-02-28

As per InfoCom’s fixed broadband monitoring in the Rest of World region, India already registered nearly 15m subscriptions as of 3Q19 - up only by around 2% YoY. The growth was pivoted mainly by FTTP (FTTH/FTTB) subscriptions at the expense of xDSL and cable broadband, following active promotions of high-speed broadband services alongside the launch of a new operator during the period. In September 2019, Jio (Reliance ...

Mobile voice traffic slides further in Western Europe, but new offers could potentially mitigate the decline in some markets

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2020-02-21

As per InfoCom’s quarterly monitoring, The total mobile voice traffic in selected Western European markets continued to register a decline this quarter – ending 3Q19 with 150 average minutes per month (1.9% YoY). The segment was still negatively impacted by the growing demand and usage of mobile data services (e.g. OTT voice and messaging apps) in the region. While this is the case, InfoCom observed new product offer...

China leads in fibre broadband, but COVID-19 outbreak could slow down its growth momentum

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2020-02-13

The fixed broadband market in the monitored North-East Asian markets (China, Japan, South Korea) continued to grow significantly, exceeding 492m as of end-3Q19. This growth is still driven by the popularity of high-speed broadband services, with FTTP connections constituting 95% of the total group subscriptions. However, InfoCom expects a gradual slowdown in the segment’s development due mainly to saturation, particula...

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