Broadband in Bangladesh is growing significantly. Here’s why

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2018-07-23

This country snapshot mainly highlights the growth in fixed broadband and mobile market in Bangladesh which grew by around 40% YoY and 15% YoY, respectively. In general, the growths were both driven by the active network rollouts in line with the Vision 2021 (Digital Bangladesh) initiative – which resulted in expanded service coverage by most operators. In the fixed broadband segment, BTCL has already started extending ...

The DOC(SIS) 3.1 is in: German and Spanish operators move forward with cable Gigabit broadband service

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2018-07-12

InfoCom observed that DOCSIS 3.0 is still the dominantly-used high-speed broadband platform (i.e. DOCSIS, VDSL and FTTP) within the EU5 markets (i.e. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) as of end-2017. However, its share has started to slowly decline due to the increasing take-up of VDSL and FTTP (FTTH + FTTB) services in these markets. Among the markets covered, both Germany and the UK have the highest shares of DOCSIS...

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