In the SMEs market, cloud-based security features are offered as value-added to FTTx and other top-tiered/high revenue-generation broadband offers (e....

ad hoc study
Published: 2015-01-25

Most of carriers, independently from size and country, bundle basic security options for SMEs with a broadband access as a standard feature of the offer or as an add-on service, sometimes free of charge. Security features consist, at least, of anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall protection and are, generally, also available as standalone to non-subscribers. About a third of carriers worldwide offer security solutions on...

InfoCom shows how the Colombian national ICT plans will drive services from stratification to mass adoption

Press Release
Published: 2015-01-10

Colombian telecoms industry driven largely by government initiatives — Wide gap between rich and poor persists despite Colombia’s upper middle income status — New entrants and new regulations in the market expected to intensify competition.

Stuttgart, Germany — Since the Vive Digital launch — the ICT initiative launched in 2010 as a consequence of the new Colombian ICT Law of 2009 — fixed broadband increased from about 2 million subscribers in 2010 (a...

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