M&As to stir top pay TV ranking

Quarterly Television Monitoring Service
Published: 2014-08-25

As at March 2014, the top pay TV groups maintain their respective positions except for the switch of ranks between Essel Group (15.4m subscriber base) and 21st Century Fox (15.1m) where the former surpassed the latter’s subscriber base thanks to the increasing cable digitisation and still lucrative satellite TV market in India. 21st Century Fox, comprising a majority interest in Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia and minori...

InfoCom unveils that despite maturity, the Eastern European TV markets see sluggish IPTV adoption

Press Release
Published: 2014-08-16

IPTV adoption in the Eastern European markets still low — Digital switchover concretely en- larging the potential IPTV target market — White label reselling spreads as a viable alternative business model.

Stuttgart, Germany — If excluding some countries — Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia — IPTV adoption in the Eastern European markets is still very low, attracting only between 1% and 14% of the households, with Roma...

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