InfoCom shows how opportunities outweigh the challenges ahead for Thai mobile operators.

Press Release
Published: 2014-02-15

Thai mobile market to evolve to match demand for more services — Drop of revenue-sharing clause frees crucial additional resources — Price regulation expected to still impact ARPU levels — State-owned operators CAT and TOT slowly profiling as mobile

Stuttgart, Germany; Manila, Philippines — After the auction planned for September 2014 for 1 800 MHz spectrum, InfoCom expects the Thai mobile market to expand rapidly in the follow-ing five years. The evolution will i...

UK fixed broadband expansion propelled by the growing DSL market

Quarterly Monitoring of Consumer and Business Internet Market
Published: 2014-02-03

Primarily triggered by the increasing uptake of high speed Internet subscription and stable ARPU, the United Kingdom recorded about EUR 1.7bn fixed broadband revenue in 3Q13 – 1% lower than the previous year. Nevertheless, overall fixed broadband revenue showed recovery in a QoQ perspective, demonstrating around 2% and 1% increase in 2Q13 and 3Q13, respectively. The revenue improvement can be attributed to the incre...

Cloud as VAS for FTTH, Unified Threat Management and up-selling approaches

Published: 2014-02-03

One of the most recent emerging trends is the bundling of security features, in particular cloud-based solutions, as a value-added service for FTTH and other top-tiered/high revenue-generation broadband offers for SME customers (e.g. FTTC/VDSL). This is already the strategy of SingTel that, while it still offers ADSL to SME customers, pushes its FTTH services and uses cloud-based security as part of its USP. Another tr...

Everything Everywhere highlights mobile postpaid growth despite dwindling prepaid subscriptions

Quarterly Mobile Monitoring Service
Published: 2014-02-03

In the United Kingdom, Everything Everywhere’s (EE) prepaid subscription base dwindled to nearly 11m in 3Q13 - a 14.3% decline from the same period in 2012. This reflects the operator’s existing strategy on focusing on its higher-value postpaid services, which includes encouraging prepaid users to migrate via new 4G/LTE postpaid plans. As of 3Q13, the operator reported 14.1m postpaid subscribers – an increase of 5.7...

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