Opportunities outweigh the challenges ahead for Thai mobile operators

Published: 2013-12-20

After the auction planned for September 2014 for 1 800 MHz spectrum, InfoCom expects the Thai mobile market to expand rapidly in the following five years. The evolution will involve more the service side, as the already high mobile penetration rate in the country will dictate the operators to focus increasingly on enticing their subscribers to migrate to 3G and 4G packages to generate additional revenue streams. The a...

Mobile voice traffic in Eastern Europe: growth dictated by EU roaming regulation and OTT usage

Telecom Strategies and Trends
Published: 2013-12-20

Despite the lack of uniformity in the implementation of the EC directive No. 531/2012 on the national levels across Eastern Europe, the implications of the regulation are already beginning to take effect, according to InfoCom’s recently published article on mobile voice traffic. In the longer-term, it should help streamline prices across borders to the benefit of consumers while fostering greater communication and compe...

Potential growth in Lao mobile market despite a number of limitations

Infocom’s Country Dashboard
Published: 2013-12-20

The Lao mobile market is expected to post modest growth in the next five years, as the already high penetration rate in the country (2013 estimate at 106%) will impact the acquisition of new subscribers. Active government participation, such as the state's regulation on prepaid ownership – adopted for security purposes, after an ordinance of the Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Communication (MPTC) that all mobil...

China maintains its broadband market leadership despite weakening DSL segment

Quarterly Fixed Broadband Monitoring
Published: 2013-12-20

China, registering over 155m connections, still placed first in the 2Q13 ranking of more than 40 countries in terms of total fixed broadband connections. It dominated the ranking since 2006 and is expected to maintain its lead in the following years despite its diminishing DSL connections, propelled by disconnections and migration to faster broadband platforms such as cable modem and fibre optics. Double-digit percent...

Globalisation and modernisation drive demand for managed network services.

Published: 2013-12-20

The market for managed LAN and WLAN services is driven, on one hand, by the increasing globalisation of businesses and by the modernisation of business communications on the other. Companies located in advanced markets, worldwide, continue to expand their operations internationally and, contemporaneously, are increasingly off-shoring some of their business processes — back office support, customer relations, billing, IT...

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