Expansion, UC and cloud services boost the demand for managed LAN services

Telecom Strategies and Trends
Published: 2013-10-31

International expansion, unified communications and cloud-based services are driving the demand for managed LAN services as business customers seek to homogenise and upgrade their infrastructure or else outsource the management of their existing network infrastructure to managed service providers so that they can cut down on operational and personnel costs and concentrate on their core activities. For a managed LAN servic...

Thailand gears for mobile growth renaissance

Country Dashboard
Published: 2013-10-31

After the successful auction of additional mobile spectrum in October 2012, Thailand's regulator announced that it is preparing for another one in September 2014, mainly to support the 4G LTE service commercialisation efforts of the country’s mobile operators. The country’s mobile market experienced several years of delay in augmenting the network capacities of operators due to political and structural problems – in...

EU roaming market: competition remains underwhelming

Quarterly Mobile Monitoring Service – Western Europe
Published: 2013-10-31

In the hopes of decreasing mobile roaming rates within the EU countries and creating competition in the mobile roaming market, the European Commission (EC) introduced several measures from price regulation to structural changes. Since 2007, prices per minute for outgoing and for incoming calls were reduced by 51% (€0.49/min to €0.24/min) and 71% (€0.24/min to €0.07/min) respectively. On the other hand, SMS rate wa...

Despite maturity, the Eastern European TV markets see sluggish adoption of IPTV

Quarterly Television Monitoring
Published: 2013-10-31

If excluding some countries — Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia — IPTV adoption in the Eastern European markets is still very low, attracting only between 1% and 14% of the households, with Romania, Poland and Russia with the smallest subscriber base. Apart from the strong foothold of CaTV and satellite TV, the sluggish IPTV take-up can be explained with the still low broadband penetration of DSL and FTTx, whic...

Understanding the market is key for a successful MVNO model

Innovations Database
Published: 2013-10-31

MVNOs in Southeast Asia are still seen as a way to further penetrate the market segments which established mobile operators are not able to capture, as the demographic and economic diversity of the markets in the region still present substantial opportunities despite mobile saturation and decreasing subscriber growth. Among several factors, we believe that the availability of a critical mass is the most important conside...

InfoCom highlights how Video OTT potential actually outweighs threat

Press Release
Published: 2013-10-02

In the mid-term, video OTT could erode some pay TV operators’ revenues — Video OTT threat is rising but not enough to prompt widespread cord cutting — Video OTT can be used to pen-etrate rival’s subscriber base

Increasing content available as video OTT as well as active collabor-ation between all actors along the video OTT value chain — content providers, OTT aggrega-tors, content producers and TV set manufacturers — have i...

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