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Bundling strategy boosts Telefonica's subscriber base in Spain

Quarterly Broadband Monitoring Service
Published: 2013-04-30

Telefonica's quadruple play offer Movistar Fusion attracted one million customers, in as short as two months after its commercial launch in October 2012. The quadruple play offer provides fixed broadband (ADSL or Fibre), IPTV, fixed telephony and mobile services (voice and Internet). Additionally, Movistar Fusion provides its subscribers the option to choose the type of fixed broadband access the wish, the number of SIM c...

Recent acquisitions in TV markets worldwide re-shape Top-10 ranking

Quarterly Television Monitoring
Published: 2013-04-30

Recent acquisitions by Vivendi and News Corp. have contributed to significanlt impact their ranking in the Top-10 TV worldwide groups. Vivendi's takeover and integration of Poland's satellite TV operator "n", has contributed close to a million clients to the group’s total base. As a result, at end-2012, Vivendi posted about 14.3m subscribers boosting the company's rank from 7th place to 6th place. Meanwhile, News Corp. ...

LTE: Emerging new tariff models expected to drive service adoption

Innovations Spotlights – Telecom Innovations Service
Published: 2013-04-30

Although LTE services continues to advance with increased network deployment, improved network coverage and expanded device portfolio, consumers' reception remains lukewarm as telcos fail to lure users to upgrade to the more expensive LTE plans. To address this issue, providers started diversifying their LTE price points and entry-level LTE packages. These new price strategies replace telcos’ initial LTE positioning as ...

H3G Austria eventually consolidates Orange Austria acquisition

Quarterly Mobile Monitoring Service – Western Europe
Published: 2013-04-30

After a year-long battle with the Austrian Regulator and the EU authorities, to gain approval for the merger, Hutchison 3G Austria (H3G) has completed its acquisition of Orange Austria for EUR 1.3 bn. The acquisition makes H3G the third larget mobile operator in terms of subscribers in the country. Under the terms of the acquisition, H3G sold some spectrum, base stations, intellectual property and mobile provider Yesss! ...

Success of shared mobile plans replicated from residential to business segment

Innovations Database
Published: 2013-04-30

Major American telcos such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon debuted their shared mobile plans for business users in 1Q13. Shared mobile packages are mobile plans that feature buckets of minutes, SMS and data that can be shared across multiple users or devices. Most packages offer unlimited voice and SMS as well as a capped data allowance, and usually target the small and medium enterprise segment. This subscriptio...

Vodafone Germany's LTE coverage expands to more than 60% of the population

Teleseeq Interactive Dataroom
Published: 2013-04-30

Vodafone Germany's LTE coverage has more than doubled in 2012 as it continues to rollout the service to more areas since its commercial launch in December 2010. As of YE12, the mobile operator claims to have reached 81 large cities in Germany, covering more than 60% of the country’s population. Vodafone is aiming at a nationwide LTE coverage by end-2015. Vodafone had the highest number of 3G subscribers in Germany wi...

Pay-TV operators ditch box for the cloud

Innovations Database
Published: 2013-04-30

It was in 2011 when TV players in Europe started to move some set-top box features to the cloud. Today, all European players confirm their commitment to this approach, with plans already underway for the transition to cloud-based, network PVR. Accordingly, in the US, Comcast, for instance, have started to deploy network PVR. While in Asia, KT (South Korea) for instance, plan the deployment of cloud-based PVR in 2013. ...

Fixed broadband market in the UK posts double-digit increase in 2012

Quarterly Broadband Monitoring Service
Published: 2013-04-30

United Kingdom's fixed broadband market registered a double-digit revenue increase of 15% YoY in 2012, to around EUR 6.6bn - faster than what was recorded a year ago at 7% YoY. The growth is significant considering the almost stagnant UK economy during the year (2012 growth at 0.1%). This improvement is due to higher growth in xDSL subscription brought by attractive bundling offers as well as cable modem’s improvement i...

InfoCom shows where opportunities lay with Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Press Release
Published: 2013-04-22

LBMA has the potential to generate considerable revenue streams — LBMA is more targeted than other ad campaigns — The experience shows LBMA must be executed in different mobile platforms.

Stuttgart, Germany — The interest for Location-Based Mobile Advertising is increasing exponentially as retailers look for alternative marketing channels that can significantly increase visits in stores and sales. The i...

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