InfoCom reveals how US mobile carriers eventually succeeded to generate some revenues with location-based services

Published: 2012-11-21

Location-based services: from navigation to mobile advertising — Operators split subscription revenues with LBS solution providers — Widely available free OTT services could jeopardise US carriers’ efforts.

Stuttgart, Germany — For the past couple of years, mobile operators have sought ways to become an indispensable part of their customers’ lifestyle. Current mobile phones are versa-tile devices supporting a wide range of applications beyond communication, and offer eventually the possibility to monetise additional revenue streams, for instance through Lo-cation-Based Services (LBS). The US mobile carriers have succeede...

InfoCom shows how ethnic MVNOs succeed to remains the most successful MVNO model

Published: 2012-11-11

Ethnic MVNOs keep their ability to attract customers - Thanks to multi-ethnicity, European international calling market potentially very lucrative - Aggressive customer acquisition and retention strategies revel crucial.

Stuttgart, Germany – Manila, Philippines — Despite a tough economic climate, ethnic MVNOs retain their ability to attract customers. And while a wide variety of MVNO models have em-erged and waned in every country over the last years, the ethnic MVNO model remains one of the most successful ones. The main reason behind this success is the changing demographic profile of the European region. The influx of non-Europea...

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