InfoCom updates OTT threat rating and says that carriers can turn OTT content into an opportunity

Published: 2012-02-21

OTT content challenges the traditional model of delivering TV-based content — Network providers may benefit from an opportunity gap — Monetising on the access highway likely be the future business model.

Stuttgart, Germany and Manila, Philippines — InfoCom’s threat rating for OTT content aggregators went up from low to moderate, after only a year from the previous evaluation. OTT content aggregators improved their limited content offerings — an issue, which impacted InfoCom’s previous evaluation — through partnerships with various content producers, which increased the content available on their platforms. Sony,...

InfoCom says arguments in favour of managed Unified Communications outweigh the counter-arguments only very slightly

Published: 2012-02-17

Managed Unified Communications advantages not entirely convincing— Many companies wish to retain control of own communications — Real cost savings often disappointing — Staff may resist the implementation

Stuttgart, Germany — While there aren’t really any major obstacles or drawbacks for managed UC services, advantages are not entirely convincing and have corresponding counter-arguments. This results from InfoCom latest release regarding Managed Unified Communications services, a large research covering selected business markets worldwide and realised through widespread interviews with vendors and business customers. ...

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