InfoCom says European incumbents shift fibre strategy from “dumb pipe” to “content is king”

Published: 2011-12-22

Carriers actively seeking to move towards integrated business model with content providers — Exclusive content to make services over fibre more appealing — Carriers pursuing different operator models for different networks — FTTH deployment to accelerate towards 2015.

Stuttgart, Germany and Manila, Philippines — Incumbents around the world increasingly shift their strategy towards fibre deployments away from providing just the “dumb pipe” to a more complex approach where “content is king”. Carriers are actively seeking to move away from the previous strategy — where their role was predominantly confined as access provider only — and move towards a more complex and integra...

InfoCom uncovers data-only MVNOs strategies, which use mobile broadband to add value

Published: 2011-12-20

Mobile connectivity added to products or services to increase value — Players adopt full MVNO approach and customised tariffs — Mobile broadband also used to defend a competitive advantage.

Stuttgart, Germany and Manila, Philippines — Data-only MVNOs bank on mobile data services to up-sell and cross-sell core products — for instance laptops, e-book readers — or services — for instance telematics or ICT solutions in general — and thus add value to product or services that they already offer within their portfolio. This results from a recent research on new MVNOs’ business models that InfoCom has c...

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