InfoCom reveals that the enterprise telephony market has fairly consolidated vendors’ position but is quite crowded

Published: 2011-10-24

Enterprise telephony is mostly a replacement market — Historical vendors hold well defended market positions — In many countries local champions play a significant role — Microsoft seen as a future, potential player.

Stuttgart, Germany — The enterprise telephony market is very much a replacement market in most countries around the world, especially in industrialised economies, and as a result, changes in vendors’ market share are fairly moderate. As a matter of fact, enterprises’ investment decisions are impacted by the trends in the overall economy, which determines whether companies have available budget and access to credit...

InfoCom investigates enterprise markets around the world and found IP and Unified Communications growing

Published: 2011-10-18

IP share in many countries surprisingly low — Tight budgets limit investments in emerging countries — Unified Communications clearly growing — Replacement cycles for IP-based solutions shortened only marginally.

Stuttgart, Germany — Enterprises, anywhere in the world, deploy IP telephony solutions but the share of IP lines varies strongly and, in several cases, it is still surprisingly low. While countries as the UK or the US record over 90% of IP lines out of the total shipped (>400 segment), in other countries this figure can be as low as 40%, for instance in Argentina, India, Russia or Turkey. Some of the reasons for this ...

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