InfoCom says innovative e-health in the cloud target the B2B market

Published: 2011-09-30

Innovative e-health brings solutions in the cloud — E-health in the cloud actually pushed by IT companies and service providers — Business models largely remain within B2B ecosystem.

Stuttgart, Germany — E-health reaches the cloud with solutions, which provide a large range of services for a wide variety of companies and institutions active in the health sector. From early offers, targeting specific patient segments — elderly, disabled or patients with chronic illnesses — innovative e-health in the cloud targets any interaction between patients and health service providers, institution-to-instit...

InfoCom says Brazil propels Vivendi and America Movil up the top-10 VoIP ranking

Press Release
Published: 2011-09-20

NTT by far World’s largest VoIP provider — America Movil and Vivendi pushed by Latin American operations — Product bundling and company acquisitions solidified positions.

Stuttgart, Germany and Manila, Philippines — The VoIP emerging market Brazil proved to deliver high subscriber growth, as America Movil and Vivendi groups managed to improve their respective VoIP market positioning in ...

InfoCom says NFC to drive m-commerce growth in East Asia

Published: 2011-09-19

Mobile carriers push m-commerce — In Southeast Asia, service affordability favours SMS-based payments — NFC can enrich m-commerce with location-based interactive advertisement.

Manila, Philippines — In East Asia, m-commerce has been fuelled by the increasing amount of payments through mobile phones and the growing demand for banking services. This results from InfoCom’s latest Innovations Spotlight, which analysed the current services available as well as local carriers’ plans for m-payment services. SMS-based or NFC-enabled, m-payment is gaining slowly momentum and is expected to accelera...

InfoCom says Global Top-10 paid-for TV groups secure ranks

Press Release
Published: 2011-09-07

Us Direct TV still world largest provider — Carriers experiencing decreasing subscriber base in mature markets — Indian Essel and MII China encounter strong growth — Top-3 groups to retain leadership in the next years.

Stuttgart, Germany — According to InfoCom most recent release of the Quarterly TV Monitoring, the top-10 largest groups, at World level, collectively posted 145m paid-for* TV subscriptions, 54% of which attributed to s...

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