InfoCom says Tablet PCs are changing the mobile TV experience

Published: 2011-05-16

Tablet TV services enrich users' viewing experience and drive TV provider's multi-screen strategy - Tablet TV services allure with the promise of ubiquitous entertainment - Most players bank of popularity of tablet PCs to up sell their premium packages.

Stuttgart, Germany - The first Tablet TV services are appearing in several markets round the world, offered either free of charge or as paid add-ons by different kind of players: content providers (content producers and Pay TV operators), mobile operators and TV access providers (CaTV, IPTV and satellite operators). The Tablet TV app requires a broadband subscription and either a TV access or a mobile data package and ena...

InfoCom says Satellite TV to overtake CaTV by 2015 in Western Europe - Cord-cutting no longer impossible scenario

Press Release
Published: 2011-05-12

By 2015, satellite TV will overtake CaTV in terms of TV households - IPTV expected to growth 10% a year - Changing TV viewing landscape with emergence of connected TV and over-the-top (OTT) content - For the first time, cord-cutting is no longer an impossible scenario.

Stuttgart, Germany - Western Europe posted over 182m TV households at end-2010, 40% of which are watching TV via terrestrial platforms, 27% via CaTV, and about 26% through satellite, either free-to-air or through paid su...

InfoCom says mobile operators banks on LTE to support the explosion of mobile data traffic worldwide

Press Release
Published: 2011-05-05

LTE already available in several markets - TeliaSonera jumpstarts LTE commercialisation in the Baltic and Nordic markets - Mobile entertainment and cloud services tapped to drive demand for LTE services - Operators bundle 4G modems to LTE packages to stimulate uptake of the service.

Stuttgart, Germany and Manila, Philippines - Major mobile operators in Europe and in the US are rolling out LTE and services are already launched in several markets. All carriers target metropolitan areas for the trials,...

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