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Western Europe to hit 80% penetration rate per household in 2017

Quarterly Broadband Monitoring Services (Western Europe)
Published: 2012-12-20

Fixed broadband penetration rate per household in Western Europe stood at around 73% (end-3Q12), a 2.6 percentage point increase YoY. This improvement is brought by continuous increase in fixed broadband subscriptions in the region. Currently, Western Europe posts nearly a 5% YoY growth in subscription mostly thanks to the accelerating take up of FTTx (+27% YoY) and cable modem (+10% YoY). Traditionally, The Netherlands are the country with the highest penetration rate per household (99%) as a result of a stable economy and very competitive market, with a vast availability of choices for broadband services. On the other hand, the country with the lowest penetration rate is Ireland, which (56%) suffered a severe recession affecting its citizen's spending power as well as the country's incumbent, Eircom.

Fixed broadband subscriptions in Western Europe are expected to grow at around 3% (CAAGR) from 2012 to 2017. The growth will be driven by FTTx — over 14% a year, in average — and cable modem — over 5%. With this trend, the fixed broadband penetration rate is expected to hit the 80%-mark in 2017, indicating an increasingly saturated broadband market in the region by then.

Published: 2012-12-20

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