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WE incumbents’ public sector product marketing strategies

ad hoc study
Published: 2015-02-25

While competition in traditional telecommunication markets further increases, incumbents must look for new opportunities to expand their business. Developing new specialised ICT solutions for customers with specific needs has thus become a main focus. In this respect public sector is of particular importance. Hence this article examines Western European incumbents’ activities in terms of product marketing strategy related to public sector, i.e. which dedicated products are marketed for public sector customers and how these products are sold. We found that all examined WE incumbents already offer dedicated solutions for public sector and are further shifting their focus on such specialised products. Usually these dedicated services are using some traditional standard telecommunication services. For instance, an e-learning solution requires devices with internet access connecting to the e-learning platform. Incumbents usually work with partners (e.g. manufacturers of devices, software developers) to provide such solutions, then combine the different components and market them to customers. Incumbents thereby benefit from their nationwide presence in terms of sales with respect to installation and operation of the products.

Published: 2015-02-25

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