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Thailand gears for mobile growth renaissance

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Published: 2013-10-31

After the successful auction of additional mobile spectrum in October 2012, Thailand's regulator announced that it is preparing for another one in September 2014, mainly to support the 4G LTE service commercialisation efforts of the country’s mobile operators. The country’s mobile market experienced several years of delay in augmenting the network capacities of operators due to political and structural problems – including the replacement of the former National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) with a new office with a broader mandate (National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) which includes the ability to legally conduct a network auction.

InfoCom expects that after the September 2014 network auction, Thailand’s mobile market will expand rapidly in the next five years albeit more on the service offering, as the already high penetration rate in the country (2013 estimate at 139%) will dictate the operators to focus increasingly on enticing their current 2G subscribers to migrate to 3G/4G packages to derive additional revenue. The additional network capacity will also enable the operators to fill-in the demand for mobile services requiring higher bandwidths and capacity such as high-definition voice and video services. In fact, some operators have already started expanding their service portfolios, such as DTAC’s partnership with Ericsson for an M2M platform for enterprises which will allow the operator to deploy and further monetise on M2M services.

Published: 2013-10-31

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