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Telcos hope to keep mobile voice alive

Telecom Innovations – Services & Products
Published: 2013-01-29

In a bid to mitigate declining mobile voice revenues, telcos such as AT&T and Orange launch strategies to keep traditional mobile voice usage alive. AT&T has recently launched a program (AT&T Call Management API program) that hopes to encourage developers to create applications that utilises mobile phone numbers. One offshoot of this program is myaNUMBER, a mobile application geared towards family members wherein a user’s call will be forwarded to several other family members in case the intended call recipient does not pick up. France’s Orange, on the other hand, after launching HD voice in 2009, followed by several launches in Romania (2009) and Moldova (2011), is now pushing for wholesale HD voice service which it started offering to third-party operators and service providers beginning January 2013. The service will make international high-definition (HD) calls possible between two operators on both fixed and mobile networks. Moreover, it also extends end-users’ HD experience to international calls, including when roaming.

As over-the-top mobile messaging applications continue to threaten traditional voice, telcos now actively explore ways to create competitive advantage by offering services that are not yet offered by OTT players, e.g. Orange’s HD voice calls with assured service level or even mobile applications that encourage the use of traditional mobile voice.

Published: 2013-01-29

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