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SVoD players to become major contenders in the top-10 pay TV race 

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Published: 2016-03-07

Based on InfoCom's regular monitoring of top pay TV groups worldwide, Netflix reigned supreme in the top-10 subscription-based TV groups worldwide and eclipsed the traditional subscription-based TV groups (CaTV and satellite TV) with 70.8m paid members in 2015 thanks to its active and aggressive overseas expansion. Netflix is already available in 130 countries and virtually present anywhere except China to date.

Netflix clearly surpassed all the other large pay TV groups worldwide with AT&T trailing in a distant second with 41m customer base (thanks to its DirecTV acquisition), MI&IT China (owner of China Telecom and China Unicom) at 3rd place with 35.5m subscribers, Liberty Global (UPC group of companies owner) at 4th place with 24.4m customers and Comcast at 5th place with 22.3m CaTV susbcribers.

The Netflix’s expansion story provides us with more or less a glimpse on how the list of top pay TV groups will evolve in the future. The relative ease of OTT SVoD players to expand footprint provides these Netflix-like players wide headroom for growth.

We expect that more OTT SVoD players will enter the top pay TV list in the future with candidates such as US-based Amazon (Amazon Prime Instant Video service), and Hulu (via Hulu Plus) at the forefront as well as other players such as Germany-based maxdome.

Note: The subscriber data is based on proportionate subscription - i.e. aggregated customers from the groups’ companies including major (>50% ownership) and minor (<50% ownership) subsidiaries.

Published: 2016-03-07

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