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Some Eastern European telcos record improvement in fixed traffic development as popularity of multiple-play offers grows

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Published: 2020-04-17

As of end-4Q19, the Eastern Europe region recorded a 13.3% YoY decline in fixed voice traffic, reflecting the lower fixed voice usage among the monitored markets. The total regional traffic went down to 4.2bn minutes, as the region continued to feel the adverse impact of the growing OTT voice and messaging services, coupled by mobile substitution, in general. Despite the trend, InfoCom noted some marginal improvements in traffic churns, particularly in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Croatia, and Poland - driven mainly by the ongoing take-up of multiple-play offers that typically include fixed voice lines as a standard service. Hrvatski Telekom, for instance, offered up to HRK 50 discount on the first month of connection to its MAX packages (includes unlimited minutes to fixed and mobile networks, alongside fixed broadband and IPTV) if customers would also include a Magenta subscription to their purchase. Likewise, Telekom Slovenije offered discount to new subscribers of its triple- (i.e. NEO) and quad-play packages (i.e. NEO + Naj). Both packages feature an IP telephony with up to 3 000 minutes of voice service to any fixed or mobile networks.

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Published: 2020-04-17

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