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SD-WAN Summit 2019 : growth and international success

Press Release
Published: 2019-10-09

The fourth edition of the SD-WAN Summit closed its doors on a confirmed success. With an attendance growth of 10% the 2019 edition of the SD-WAN Summit has confirmed once again its place as the leading event in this new technology space. The 550 delegates came from 38 countries. 50% of them were operators and enterprises. With more than 30 exhibitors and sponsors, the Summit also gave a complete preview of the SD-WAN ecosystem. The conference confirmed that, with hundreds of thousands of SD-WAN connections now ac- tive across the globe, it’s clear that the technology has moved beyond earlier adopters and into a rapid-growth phase where carriers, vendors and even cloud providers are racing to differentiate themselves with enhanced services. The Summit demonstrated that SD-WAN is on the way of productivity. According to experts, two to five years remain before reaching the « plateau » of productivity.

The fifth edition of the SD-WAN Summit will be organised from 23 to 25 September 2020.

Published: 2019-10-09

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