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Satellite TV operators in Western Europe battle competition through enhanced content propositions, partnership deals

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Published: 2018-11-27

Pay-TV subscriptions in Western Europe increased albeit marginally in 2Q18, thanks to the growth in IPTV (4.4%) which offsets the declining CaTV and Satellite TV bases. While this is the case, the decline rate in satellite TV subscriptions diminished slightly compared with CaTV, driven by the enhanced content propositions, together with the popularity of own-produced contents by pay-TV operators. For instance, Sky Italia partnered with Mediaset for a content and distribution deal in March 2018. This allowed Sky Italia’s satellite TV customers access Mediaset Premium’s film and TV series channels. Furthermore, Sky Italia can also use the latter’s pay-TV platform for digital terrestrial television (DTT) distribution, thus allowing it to create its own pay-TV offer on DTT – combining Sky, Fox and 9 Mediaset channels. Sky Italia is seeking growth opportunity by enticing terrestrial TV households to switch. Note that terrestrial TV comprises 63.0% of Italy's TV households – the third highest among all monitored countries in Western Europe.

Meanwhile, Tivusat households enjoy 105 TV channels (40 are HD) – a mix mainly of local channels and some free international channels (e.g. BBC, Bloomberg, Deutsche Welle, MTV etc.). Tivusat also offers on-demand content from different local providers such as Mediaset and Rai as well as video OTT provider, Infinity.

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Published: 2018-11-27

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