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Polish operators lure business customers with multiple play packages featuring security services

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2018-12-14

Based on InfoCom’s quarterly residential and business split monitoring, the monitored European markets continued to post growth in fixed broadband subscriptions – closing 3Q18 with over 97m connections. Still, the residential subscriptions comprise most of the total connections, albeit exhibiting a flat development, in terms of share, since the earlier periods. Among the markets covered, both Slovakia and Romania still recorded the fastest residential broadband take-up, as mainly supported by the service coverage expansion of the operators. Slovak Telekom, for instance, reported that its FTTC technology (last mile through VDSL) has already covered more than a million Slovak households; while Telekom Romania and Vodafone Romania have reportedly signed a network agreement allowing the latter to launch its fixed services in the market.

On the contrary, the business subscriptions managed to increase its share, as effectively pushed by the marketing schemes of some operators and wider network coverage. In particular, UPC Poland offered up to 15% discount on its double-play business packages (i.e. Business Start, Smart 400 business, Pro 600 business) featuring up to 600 Mbps FTTB broadband service, around 116 TV channels, a Modem Connect Box WiFi, and a UPC Security package for 10 devices; altogether for PLN 130/month (EUR 30) for a minimum contract of 24 months. Aside from this, the operator also promoted its single-play Internet business offers through featuring up to 25% discount. InfoCom noted that the operator has already completed rolling out its DOCSIS 3.1 technology in Warsaw area, following its fibre optic expansions in Kolobrzeg, Legnica, Oswiecim, Tamowskie Gory and Radom in 2017. Note that Poland recorded the fastest business subscription development, followed by Switzerland whose incumbent operator featured up to 15% discount in its InOne SME packages, if customers would add an SME mobile in their subscription.

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Published: 2018-12-14

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