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Published: 2012-12-20

MVNOs reinforce customer loyalty by offering free top-ups and mobile data to subscribers. In a bid to improve customer retention, MVNOs such as Alon Cellular (Israel), Happy Movil (Spain) and Samba Mobile (UK) device new reward schemes to incentivise customers. MVNOs Happy Movil and Samba offer free mobile data to existing subscribers. Happy Movil rewards customers with 500MB free data for every EUR 20 top-up; while Samba Mobile gives about 3.5MB free mobile data per adverts watched by subscribers.

On the other hand, Alon Cellular incentivises its subscribers by offering free or discounted mobile packages for users who will spend a specified amount on the MVNO’s sister companies. Alon Cellular tied up its reward scheme with You credit cards, a credit card jointly issued by Israel Credit Cards-Cal Ltd. and Alon Group, and with its sister companies – Mega brand supermarkets and Dor Alon Energy fuel stations and convenience stores. Subscribers who will purchase items from its sister companies will receive 28% to 46% discount on mobile packages (depending on the prescribed limit); while users who will purchase a certain amount in Alon Cellular’s sister companies using their You credit cards will get free unlimited call package.

Published: 2012-12-20

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