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MPLS SDN NFV World 2019 : a renewed international success

Press Release
Published: 2019-04-17

With 1,600+ participants, the 21st edition of MPLS SDN NFV World reached the record attendance of last year. This renewed success makes the Paris Congress a unique venue for sharing ideas from across the industry. MPLS SDN NFV World remains the place to be for a preview of the next big thing. Intent based networking was given a large importance in this year’s agenda. Other important sessions covered edge cloud architectures, network slicing, telemetry, automation and segment routing.

AI Net gains momentum

The co-located AI Net conference attracted a lot of delegates. Presentations demonstrated that some early work with ML has shown promising results at carriers. At the same time, the carriers are cautioning that we’re still extremely early in the process.

75 countries represented

55 % of the delegates came from operators and enterprises. With 75 countries represented, the Congress confirmed its growing internationalization. The figures show that 53% of the participants came from Europe, 15% from America, 10% from Asia, 11% from Middle East, 11% from Russia/ Eastern Europe and 4% from Africa.

A larger interop event

For the 21st edition, EANTC enlarged the booth space, making sure the interop area is the most talked about topic of the event again. This year’s interoperability event focused on the full range of next-generation wide-area transport solutions, network management and clock synchronization.

The 22sd edition of the Congress will occur the 31 March/ 03 April, 2020.

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Published: 2019-04-17

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