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Mobile market in Serbia fares better quarter-on-quarter

Source: Teleseeq
Published: 2012-09-27

Serbian mobile base has already reached 142% penetration rate in 2Q12 to more than 10.3 m. Prepaid subscribers declined by only 42 000 in 2Q12 relative to the past two quarters were the average decline was at 90 000. On the other hand, postpaid continued to grow, albeit at a slower pace, by around 75 000 QoQ to around 3.7 m.

Average revenue per user (ARPU) figures are also slightly better as compared to the last quarter due to the uptake of postpaid subscribers. In 2Q12, service ARPUs across the three major operators VIP Mobile, MTS and Telenor increased by 2% to 5%. With this, total mobile revenues pushed by a little less than 3% QoQ as compared to the observed 6.3% average decline in the past two quarters.

In the next fixe years, the trend on prepaid to postpaid migration is expected to continue. In spite of subscriber saturation, the mobile base in Serbia is expected to continue growing at an average annual rate (CAAGR) of a little less than 1%.

Published: 2012-09-27

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