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MI&IT China still leads, while Charter Communications grows the fastest as per InfoCom’s top-10 fixed broadband groups for 2Q18

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Published: 2018-09-10

Based on InfoCom’s quarterly monitoring of top-10 fixed broadband groups for 2Q18, Charter Communications posted the fastest growth among the groups which was mainly attributed to its continued network expansion and improvements. In particular, the group’s DOCSIS 3.1 coverage has been extended during the period, making the availability of its “Spectrum Internet Gig” service to roughly 60% of its network covered areas – just six months after its launch in December 2017. This also allowed Charter Communications to upgrade its entry-level option to 200 Mbps (from 100 Mbps) during the period which resulted in a 9% YoY growth to solidify its position (currently at fourth) in the ranking. Charter Communications had more than 26m fixed broadband subscriptions in 2Q18.

Meanwhile, MI&IT China still secured the top spot with over 250m fixed broadband subscriptions, followed by America Movil and Comcast whose subscription bases grew by 4% YoY and 5% YoY, respectively. During the period, the demand for high-speed Internet services and multiple-play broadband offers continued to increase for both companies thus helping them maintain their spots.

Below is the list of other groups included in InfoCom’s top-10 fixed broadband groups ranking for 2Q18:

• 1. MI&IT China

• 2. América Móvil

• 3. Comcast Corporation

• 4. Charter Communications, Inc.

• 5. Deutsche Telekom AG

• 6. Nipon Telegraph and Telephone

• 7. Telefónica, S.A.

• 8. Orange Group S.A.

• 9. Vodafone Group plc

• 10. Liberty Global Group plc

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Published: 2018-09-10

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