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Liberty Global banks on mobile services to end falling CaTV subscriber base in Europe

Quarterly Television Monitoring
Published: 2012-09-27

Due to the mature CaTV market in Europe and strong competition in the market overall, Liberty Global Inc. (LGI, UPC parent) has been experiencing continuous decline in CaTV subscriptions in the region. In 2Q12, CaTV subscriber numbers dropped by about 38 000 quarter-on-quarter to reach 17.3m. To mitigate falling base, some UPC subsidiaries have launched or are planning to launch mobile services to keep existing customers. For instance, in Hungary, UPC has launched a mobile data service using Vodafone Hungary’s mobile network. The mobile data service packages can be combined with UPC’s fixed line, CaTV and broadband bundles at a discounted price. In the Netherlands, UPC has launched a similar strategy in 1Q12 giving free 50 MB of mobile data per month to All-in-one (fixed line, CaTV and broadband) package subscribers and 50% more data for other existing UPC subscribers.

Published: 2012-09-27

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