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How do telcos respond to COVID-19? Here’s what InfoCom found out…

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2020-08-20


InfoCom’s COVID-19 impact monitoring report highlights key ICT provider strategies at this time of the pandemic. Some operator initiatives highlight new or expanded services in specific industry verticals:


- Enhancement of features on smart home solutions highlighting more security, new features (e.g. parking reservation), and expanded entertainment contents

- * Bandwidth-on-demand services

- * Introduction of low-cost mobile or product bundle options to consider reduced consumer spending


- * Promotion of virtual classroom services; telco partnerships with content providers to support remote learning


- * Launching of AI-enabled services for nursing and elderly care in partnership with healthcare providers and institutions

- * Tele-consultation solutions particularly videoconferencing


- * 5G Drone for industrial applications

- * SME-specific service bundles for business continuity highlighting connectivity, personal computers, and productivity suite such as MS Office 365

- * G Suite

InfoCom is actively monitoring global ICT initiatives as we navigate through these challenging times. Discover more of InfoCom's industry-specific analysis and trends on ICT usage and services by clicking here

Published: 2020-08-20

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