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American Smartphone users drive LTE usage

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Published: 2013-01-29

According to Verizon, nearly 50% of Verizon’s data traffic flowed already through its LTE service by end-2012, compared to 35% in the previous quarter. As LTE handsets allegedly accounted to 23% of the total base, an increase of 7% compared to the previous quarter (16%), this means that LTE smartphone users have a higher usage as compared to the remaining subscribers.

Accordingly, also AT&T has reported an increase in LTE based smartphones and claims that ARPU for subscribers using a smartphone is twice as high as non-smartphone subscribers. More than 40% of postpaid smartphone users are LTE based.

As of 3Q12, the US had about 164m 3G/4G subscribers, almost 52% of the total market. As the roll out of LTE continues and increasing sales of 4G enabled smartphones subscribers are also expected to grow to 180m by end-2013.

Published: 2013-01-29

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