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Aggressive marketing schemes help drive Bulgaria’s mobile MoU in 3Q18

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2019-02-22

Based on InfoCom’s Mobile Voice Traffic monitoring service, the Bulgarian mobile minutes of use (MoU) continued to grow by 9% YoY – closing 3Q18 with over 181 minutes of monthly use. The growth was mainly attributed to the local telco’s aggressive marketing of mobile services that include up to unlimited minutes of mobile calls and data allowance. InfoCom observed that this scheme managed to partly offset the adverse effects of the faster take-up of OTT voice applications in the country, in general. As per the monitoring, Vivacom featured an average of 8% discount to its low to middle-tiered “SMART” mobile plans which include up to unlimited minutes of local calls and 4 000 MB data allowance. Alongside this, the operator offered an additional data allowance to its high-end “SMART” plans (XL, XL+, and U) to complement further its unlimited minutes of local calls and roaming within EU and free 60 channels in Mobile TV service.

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Published: 2019-02-22

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