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97% of fixed broadband connections in China are already FTTP as of 2018

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Published: 2019-01-31

InfoCom's quarterly broadband monitoring highlights the increased fixed broadband subscriptions in China which was mainly driven by the growth in FTTP connections. As consistent with the earlier periods, government-led broadband projects and fibre network deployments are expected to steer the adoption of fixed broadband services in 2018, considering that 97% of the total connections are now based on the FTTP platform (vs. 88% in 3Q16). The country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MI&IT) claimed that around 90% of the country’s 122 900 registered poor villages were already covered by optical networks as of end-2018; and a further 130 000 administrative villages have already been covered by broadband Internet networks (of which 43 000 poor areas could access 65 Mbps fibre connection). These were all part of the government’s “13th Five-Year Plan” strategy worth CNY 40bn (EUR 5.2bn) of network investments.

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Published: 2019-01-31

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