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AI and Machine Learning World Summit

Press Release
Published: 2017-02-21

London • 13th-15th June 2017

AI and Machine Learning World Summit will be 2 days of global leaders discussing, what the implementation of AI means for their business.

It will be bringing early adopters from across the globe to discuss where AI is a Friend or Foe for Enterprises, Telcos and Brands.

Confirmed speakers include:

Michael Natusch, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, Prudential

Dr. Michael Baeriswyl, Head of AI and Machine Learning, Swisscom

Muriel Schepper, Business Consultant AI, Rabobank

Demetrio Aiello, Head of the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Labs, Continental

Kamal Rajan, SVP Market Analytics, Wells Fargo

Dr Kim Larsen, SVP Innovation, Deutsche Telekom

Vartul Mittal, Digital Business Transformation Lead, Barclays

Samantha Starmer, VP Global Digital Experiences, Ralph Lauren

Jon Catling, Global Head of Big Data, Sands Casinos

William Smart, CIO, NHS England

Artificial Intelligence technologies are creating a huge revolution across multiple enterprises. This has been somewhat of a buzz world over the past 18 months as multiple enterprises try to understand just what AI means for them.

The technologies behind AI are having a huge impact on enterprises in all sectors, and across many verticals, it is not just traditional digital leaders that this is effecting but traditionally conservative sectors as well.

It is creating a paradigm shift, where algorithmic processing is using machine learning to make decisions that were previously done by humans. The early adopters in this space are using AI technologies to save money and time for their business. The debate comes in many different forms with this rapidly changing ecosystem, but all come down to whether AI will be a friend or foe to business? In this it is clear that AI whilst having the power to increase productivity, has the potential to threaten traditional areas of employment, creating changes to the universal workforce.

This will be discussed in detail at AI and Machine Learning World, June 14-15, London Excel Centre.

Published: 2017-02-21

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