Clear customer's tendency to choose hybrid deployments of Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions

ad hoc study
Published: 2015-05-25

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is still largely deployed on-premise rather than in the cloud, despite this solution is growing in relevance. Many players such as Dell, IBM, NetIQ and Oracle are not even directly offering cloud IAM services. Instead, they sell IAM software, which can be hosted by a customer or a SaaS provider in their own data centres and deployed as a private cloud solution. There is a clear cus...

InfoComm illustrates how security issues, multi-screen access and proliferation of enterprise cloud apps fuel demand for Single Sign On (SSO) in the c...

Press Release
Published: 2015-05-13

A SSO solution may reduce IT time and costs — Most cloud SSO providers offer authentication services as part of a solution, not as a standalone offer — Competition intensifies in the SSO niche.

Stuttgart, Germany Cloud Single Sign On (SSO) services are a fairly recent innovation in Identity and Access Management (IAM). While SSO in itself has been around for a while as an on-premise solution, many cloud SSO p...

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