InfoCom says IPTV reveals as customer-retention tool

Published: 2011-03-11

Multi-play service bundling established as standard offer Positive effects of bundling strategies now more apparent TV bundle component works as retention tool rather than as business model driving fresh, substantial revenue streams.

Stuttgart, Germany In advanced TV markets in Europe and North America, multi-play service bundling established as a standard offer to consumers. Most of players providing TV or telecom services offer multi-play bundles combining broadband, fixed and mobile telephony together with TV services. Though, so far, and several carriers state it, bundling acts more as a loss-mitigation and customer-retention tool rather than an...

InfoCom says MVNOs in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland failed to challenge the existing MNOs

Published: 2011-03-03

MVNOs' share in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland rather small - MVNOs unable to compete with MNOs in terms of pricing, service offering and quality - In Poland, MVNOs struggle with churn and high mobile termination rates - In Hungary, bundling of mobile with fixed, cable TV and Internet helped reduce churn.

Stuttgart, Germany - MVNOs in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland have failed to challenge the existing MNOs so far. In these countries, MVNOs market share remained below 4% (3Q10) compared to the 10% achieved by MVNOs in some countries in Western Europe. In Poland, for instance, after more than 6 years of operations, the combined market share of all 13 active MVNOs is barely above 1%. This failure is attributed to the inability...

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