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Spain and Italy improve on fixed voice traffic due to refreshed bundled offers that include unlimited calls to mobile

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2018-02-07

As per InfoCom’s quarterly fixed voice traffic monitoring, the Western European region closed 3Q17 with roughly 97bn minutes of calls (-9% YoY), since all monitored markets exhibited lower fixed voice usage during the period. Among the markets covered, both Italy and Spain managed to improve their voice traffic trend primarily due to the popularity of bundled offers with unlimited calls to fixed line (some even offer unli...

FTTH APAC Conference 2018 is the ultimate meeting point for all companies active in the Asia-Pacific telecoms market

Press Release
Published: 2018-02-07

FTTH APAC Conference, Manila Philippines • 8th-10th May 2018 The FTTH APAC Conference 2018 is the ultimate meeting point for all companies active in the Asia-Pacific telecoms market. With more than 600 senior executiv...

Portugal leads Western Europe region in fixed broadband subscriptions fuelled by the popularity of convergent offers

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2018-01-16

As per InfoCom’s quarterly fixed broadband monitoring in Western Europe, the total fixed broadband subscriptions at end-3Q17 reached 152m – 3% YoY. Almost all of the markets monitored exhibited growth, except Finland (at -0.5% YoY). On the other hand, Portugal led the region with the fastest fixed broadband subscription development (+5% YoY) – partially attributed to the popularity of convergent offers (e.g. M40, M40 Giga...

Drone sector: new opportunities for telecom carriers

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2017-12-21

Telecom carriers not wanting to reduce their business to the simple provision of connectivity may find a large variety of opportunities from the drone sector. Some of opportunities include: • Internal drone usage, e.g. to realise network maintenance tasks. • Direct drone services, e.g. business applications using drones or else, quite the opposite, security solutions to protect from drones. • Connectivity services, ...

Within InfoCom’s Rest of World region: Brazil leads in FTTP growth due to aggressive fibre network expansion, popularity of product bundles

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2017-11-22

Based on InfoCom’s quarterly monitoring of fixed broadband markets in Rest of World region (includes China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Canada, USA, and Brazil), Brazil recorded the highest YoY growth in FTTP subscriptions of 57% YoY (2.3m connections). The growth was mainly attributed to the implementation of "Brasil Inteligente" program that targets 53% - 70% coverage of Brazilian municipalities with fibre optic...

Cashless is more: proximity mobile payments widespread in China and taking off in Thailand, other Southeast Asian markets trail behind

Strategic Highlights
Published: 2017-11-02

The popularity of smartphones has given birth to a gamut of mobile-based services with mobile payment services among them. However, in many markets, particularly in Asia, mobile payment has yet to take off since many still prefer transactions in cash. In Asia, China is one of the successful examples of proximity mobile payments. Payment via mobile is quite widespread in the country with many merchants from fruit stalls to...

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