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Fibre-based bundled offers help prompt subscription growth in Bulgaria in 4Q18

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Published: 2019-03-22

This quarterly fixed broadband monitoring highlights the continued growth in the Bulgarian fixed broadband market which closed 4Q18 with 1.9m subscribers. As consistent with the earlier periods, the growth was associated to the continued take-up of bundled offers that are usually based on fibre-optic platform. This take-up was being supported by the active fibre network deployment of the fixed broadband players. As per th...

Aggressive marketing schemes help drive Bulgaria’s mobile MoU in 3Q18

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Published: 2019-02-22

Based on InfoCom’s Mobile Voice Traffic monitoring service, the Bulgarian mobile minutes of use (MoU) continued to grow by 9% YoY – closing 3Q18 with over 181 minutes of monthly use. The growth was mainly attributed to the local telco’s aggressive marketing of mobile services that include up to unlimited minutes of mobile calls and data allowance. InfoCom observed that this scheme managed to partly offset the adverse effe...

97% of fixed broadband connections in China are already FTTP as of 2018

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Published: 2019-01-31

InfoCom's quarterly broadband monitoring highlights the increased fixed broadband subscriptions in China which was mainly driven by the growth in FTTP connections. As consistent with the earlier periods, government-led broadband projects and fibre network deployments are expected to steer the adoption of fixed broadband services in 2018, considering that 97% of the total connections are now based on the FTTP platform (vs....

Polish operators lure business customers with multiple play packages featuring security services

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Published: 2018-12-14

Based on InfoCom’s quarterly residential and business split monitoring, the monitored European markets continued to post growth in fixed broadband subscriptions – closing 3Q18 with over 97m connections. Still, the residential subscriptions comprise most of the total connections, albeit exhibiting a flat development, in terms of share, since the earlier periods. Among the markets covered, both Slovakia and Romania still re...

Satellite TV operators in Western Europe battle competition through enhanced content propositions, partnership deals

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Published: 2018-11-27

Pay-TV subscriptions in Western Europe increased albeit marginally in 2Q18, thanks to the growth in IPTV (4.4%) which offsets the declining CaTV and Satellite TV bases. While this is the case, the decline rate in satellite TV subscriptions diminished slightly compared with CaTV, driven by the enhanced content propositions, together with the popularity of own-produced contents by pay-TV operators. For instance, Sky Italia ...

InfoCom releases report on the state of broadband adoption in the EU markets

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Published: 2018-11-23

The total broadband subscriptions in the EU-28* stood at roughly 225m subscriptions in 1H18, up by 2% compared to a year ago. According to InfoCom’s quarterly broadband monitoring report, a large majority of these connections were represented by fixed broadband, while the share of subscriptions via 3G/4G and data cards has continued to decline with 0.3p.p. YoY – although it still represents more than a quarter. The lower ...

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